Corporate mentoring project: a new offer for MBA students

August 28, 2017

A new master thesis option

As of now, Professional MBA participants can take advantage of a new opportunity when it comes to writing their master theses: The Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the WU Executive Academy have jointly launched a project that brings together MBA students, bachelor/master students of WU Vienna and external partners. Everyone involved stands to benefit from this cooperation in a multitude of ways. Students can choose between “Corporate meets Startup” and “Corporate meets Innovation.”

A group is working on a project together
The "Master Thesis Opportunity" brings together students and experts.

The idea behind the project is simple: Depending on the choice they make, the MBA students work either on innovative startup ideas or on real-world innovation management projects with bachelor or master students.

The bachelor and master students need to find a start-up idea and develop it into a new venture or help an external partner solve a problem in an innovative way. The role of the MBA student is to lead and support the team assigned to them.

Portrait Nikolaus Franke

Prof. Nikolaus Franke

  • Academic Director of Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The project reflects what entrepreneurship and innovation are actually about: Bringing together people from different fields and industries who have a wealth of experience and are eager to join forces with a view to making their ideas a reality and changing things for the better. The fact that international leaders such as Magna, Siemens or CERN and startups like watchado support our initiative as external partners shows just how special this new offer really is.

Everyone benefits

The MBA students benefit from

  • writing theses of high practical relevance.
  • interacting with young and motivated entrepreneurial minds and talents.
  • getting involved in real-life start-ups or innovation projects outside their organizations.
  • gaining systematic insight into current business trends as well as state-of-the-art innovation methods and approaches.

The bachelor/master students benefit from

  • interacting with distinguished and experienced mentors who help them carry out projects for external partners.
  • getting to know interesting corporations.
  • building their personal networks.

The external partners benefit from

  • getting truly novel solutions to their most urging problems.


More info on the project

If you would like to take this new opportunity into your own hands, get in touch with our program manager of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

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