Crafting a Global Strategy During Our EMBA Program International Residencies

July 19, 2022

Crafting Global Strategies with EMBA Program Residencies

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At WU Executive Academy, the general management focus of our Executive MBA (EMBA) degree combines with a strong emphasis on global business, finance and entrepreneurship. This allows our students to adequately prepare to transition to top and middle management roles in their careers. What’s more, through the international residencies offered in many of our programs, students get the opportunity to experience a diverse range of business cultures and practices in key markets, including the USA, China, India and Russia.

WU Executive Academy faculty understand that EMBA participants are working professionals. That’s why the entire program is designed to facilitate a world-class MBA education, while allowing students to continue to focus on their careers. Continue reading to learn more about the opportunities that await when EMBA program students are able to explore global strategies during their international residencies.

Exploring Main Economic Indicators in Latin America

Programs at WU Executive Academy ensure a 360-degree global vision. This doesn’t just apply to discussing various global markets; it means actually visiting them, too. In recent years, the international residency to Latin America has sent students to Brazil, the largest economy in South America, to better understand how to build effective strategies that boost business. Other classes were able to visit Argentina, where the residency highlighted the path of extreme economic growth and crash. Students were able to explore why and how the country is now seen as the perfect example of a balance between populism and liberalism.

As our EMBA program participants are able to immerse themselves in the markets and economic strategies of other countries, they are able to more clearly and effectively communicate and discern winning (and losing) global strategies.

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Students in our EMBA program travel to experience and learn from international markets that help them build strong global strategies

Defining the Challenges of the Asian Market with an EMBA Degree

During morning lectures, students earning their EMBA degree learn from experienced university faculty from around the world. In the afternoons, they are able to visit companies that operate both regionally and internationally, enabling them to gain first-hand knowledge of the unique business and market environments these companies operate in.

Two of the leading universities in Asia, City University in Hong Kong and Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad, India, serve as the learning grounds for our EMBA students. Here, while gaining geo-specific knowledge on two of the fastest growing economies in the world, students speak to and learn from managers involved in the market. These managers provide valuable insights as to what challenges face the Asian market, and how they have adopted strategies that not only thrive in the context of the Asian market, but globally as well.

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Direct contact with international managers helps students gain perspective on global strategies

Examining Idiosyncrasies of U.S. Enterprises

Heading to the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, Minnesota gives our EMBA students a taste of the aspects of an American approach that contribute to global enterprise success. Here, students are exposed to the complexities involved in the process of creating a global strategy, such as how enterprises can adapt their domestic strategy, apply it to a global market, and still find success.

During the U.S. international residency, students have recently visited companies including Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Thomson Reuters, 3M, General Mills, and Standard & Poor’s. With access to such knowledge, experience, and contacts at students’ fingertips, the international residencies prove to be a unique and deeply valuable core component of the EMBA program.

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