E-Mobility | Stefan Richter

October 01, 2020

Stefan Richter is CEO Energy Automation at KEBA Group

Get rid of the box

Instead of thinking outside of the box, just get rid of the box! As Deepak Chopra rightfully concluded, innovation is pivoting almost every business model in the modern world.

Large set of opportunities

Coming from a traditional professional environment as a lawyer, I soon decided to focus on future energy and mobility trends, working for public and private companies focusing on key technology questions of the future. The fields of electric mobility shows a tremendously large set of opportunities for diverse services and products.

Practical inputs from an industry expert

My background in business development, but also my experience in leading a division of highly motivated and skilled people who are eager to accelerate energy and mobility transition shall give students food for thoughts and could stimulate lively discussions about the future of mobility. During my classes at the Executive MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I always appreciated practical input from industry experts most. Therefore, it’s my pleasure to take students with me on the trip to turn energy and mobility systems upside down.  

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