Earning an MBA Degree? Key Insights on Building an Evergreen Business

November 09, 2021

How evergreen businesses are leading the market today

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Evergreen companies have provided a business model that redefines success in society, designed to adapt and grow over a very long period of time. More specifically, evergreen companies describe a number of private, profitable, and market-leading businesses that can endure through changes in the economy.

For evergreen businesses, the values that underlie their company are just as important as the outcomes. The focus isn’t on profits, but rather about building a business with a strong purpose that serves its customers, suppliers, and communities. By delivering value through continuous improvement, evergreen businesses reap the rewards of long-lasting growth. If you’re looking to expand your horizons in the business world, here’s a closer look at the model behind these innovative companies.

Find Your Business’s Purpose After an MBA Degree

For any business, the purpose for existing and vision for the future are key things to consider in order to stay on the path to success. When it comes to evergreen businesses, the purpose takes center stage. An evergreen business is driven by a strong mission to make a long-term difference in the world. This transforms the conventional definition of success in the business world. Instead of measuring success by profits or high-valued exits, evergreen businesses redefine success as how well their company can achieve its initial purpose. The purpose of existence should resonate with your ideal customer, differentiate your business from your competitors, and add value to the lives of all relevant stakeholders, including your employees. Graduates of business school can apply this model to develop innovative practices for their own business.

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Evergreen businesses put their purpose at the center of all strategies

Businesses That Put People First

An evergreen business employs a person-centric model. This means that their employees feel cared for with good compensation, purpose-driven work, and the motivation to drive success. When employees feel that they are a valuable asset to the business, they come to align their work with the company’s mission and become actively invested in its success. By engaging employees across all departments, graduates of business courses can reap the benefits of a well-integrated team working towards a common goal. For evergreen businesses, the belief is that by taking care of those within the company, they will take care of the customer, suppliers, and the whole community.

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Those with an MBA degree should know the value of employee engagement

Working Towards Steady Growth

The overarching goal of evergreen businesses is to grow as an independent company over a period of time and bring long-term benefits to both the business and society. Instead of near-sight growth and profiteering, evergreen businesses look to solidify their standing for the future. In the process, they aim to operate their business irrespective of the state of the economy. Paced growth requires the discipline to focus on long-term strategy over immediate benefits. Many businesses lack the strategic management to set overarching targets. By diversifying your product, investing in market research, taking calculated risks, and constantly measuring their outputs, evergreen businesses can make lasting improvements in their service and profits.

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