Employer Brand Manager of the Year-Award

February 10, 2017

New award to honor inspiring teams and individuals

The job of employer brand managers is demanding, but it rarely takes center stage. The WU Executive Academy, Deutsche Employer Branding Akademie (DEBA) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) are eager to remedy the situation: A new award is to honor committed managers who have an extraordinary feel for their employer brands. The closing date for entries is June 30, 2017. 


In a competitive business environment, it is vitally important for companies to make the "best of the best" want to work for them on a long-term basis. In this context, building an attractive employer brand is a challenging task that should not be underestimated. A new award, initiated by the WU Executive Academy, DEBA and TUM, puts the spotlight on these particularly committed individuals and teams.

Group work
The work of employer branding includes finding good employees which fit well to the company, increasing employees' connection to the company and increasing their productivity.

According to the jury members, the purpose of the “Employer Brand Manager of the Year” award is not to recognize individual pieces of work such as campaigns or media designs because these are more often than not provided by external agencies. Rather, it is to honor people who have a feel for what their employers really stand for: “Attracting and retaining high potentials by means of employer branding has become essential - after all, companies stand or fall on the commitment of their employees. In view of this, we look forward to many inspiring accounts that highlight just how valuable an asset good employer brand managers are,” says Dieter Scharitzer, one of the judges. The marketing expert is a member of the faculty of the “Employer Brand ManagerIn“ certificate program, which the WU Executive Academy has been offering in collaboration with DEBA and TUM since 2012 and which will next start in May 2017.

Great ideas instead of big names

The three-month period for submitting entries for the “Employer Brand Manager of the Year” award has already begun and will end on June 30, 2017. Individuals and teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are invited to submit their letters of motivation by this deadline. It is also possible to nominate outstanding employees or colleagues, irrespective of whether they are HR, marketing or corporate communications professionals. Moreover, the call for entries stresses that the award is not about big brands or names but about creativity, drive, ideas, strategies and personal commitment.

Honoring the best employer brand managers in June

The winners of the award will be honored at a ceremony at the end of June.

The “Employer Brand Manager of the Year” award is sponsored by:
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For more information and materials, please visit: www.ebm-of-the-year.de

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