Essential content marketing advice to follow after an MBA in Sales

May 02, 2017

Content marketing is a cornerstone of many organizations' digital marketing efforts. Here's some content marketing advice to follow after your MBA in sales.


Blogs, videos, social media posts, and other forms of digital content are at the heart of marketing efforts for many businesses nowadays. This makes it important to employ a thoughtful and effective strategy to get readers to notice and consume your business's content amid all the competition.

Fortunately, by following a few key pieces of advice, it's possible to maintain an effective content marketing presence that engages with your audience and syncs up well with your overall business efforts.

Want a little useful insight into best practices for content marketing? Here are a few essential tips that can help you.

Use your MBA school training to define goals for your content marketing

When you develop a content marketing strategy, it's important for your goals to be clearly defined. General goals might be to generate increased traffic for a website, to improve sales, to boost customer loyalty, or any of a number of other things that good content creation could assist with. With a general goal in mind, you can decide on specific metrics and a timeframe for measuring your progress — for example, to increase web traffic to 4,000 people per month by November 30.

Ensure that your goal is relevant to the overall business efforts at your workplace, and that you have a realistic chance of achieving it. Your MBA school training, combined with your own experience, can help ensure that you meet both of these targets, and have a great starting point for an ongoing content marketing campaign.

Taking time to define goals can help with producing effective content marketing material

Pay to promote your best content to ensure broader reach

It's much tougher in the current marketing landscape for organic search results to be enough to draw large amounts of visitors to a web page. As a result, most businesses will find their content marketing efforts are much more successful if paid amplification tools are used to help distribute blogs, videos, and other media to a wider audience.

When deciding which tools to invest in, it's important to consider both the platform on which you reach the largest portion of your audience and the platform that tends to generate you the most sales. Maybe you have a huge Facebook following, or get good results from traffic coming in from LinkedIn. Focusing on these avenues instead of others that don't offer you the same return will allow you to put your money where it will benefit you most.

Of course, there may be more complicated factors to consider. Perhaps you have momentum on a smaller platform that you want to encourage, or an opportunity to build relationships with influential figures who could propel your content to new heights. If you're unsure of how to approach distributing content marketing funds among different avenues for amplification, consider reaching out to your fellow MBA students for input. Their experience, drawn from many different international business sectors, could offer the fresh perspective you need to make a great choice.

Use your MBA in sales to help craft a unique, authentic, and effective voice

There are many businesses and individuals engaging in content marketing, many of whom are publishing large amounts of content every week or month. For that reason, it can be tough for any one organization to make its content stand out from the pack. However, as many producers pursue a "volume over quality" approach to content creation, taking care to release quality content is one of the best ways to set your organization apart and build a loyal online following.

One good way to establish quality is to take care in presenting work with a consistent voice. This means taking time to come up with a unique viewpoint, vocabulary, and style to be used for all content that is consistent to your brand identity and effective for engaging with your audience. The market research and data analysis skills you can acquire through an MBA in Sales at schools like WU Executive Academy can be extremely helpful in this process, allowing you to learn over time what your audience responds to most.

MBA graduates can use market research and data analysis to craft an effective voice for content

Want to determine the strongest approach to crafting a voice for digital marketing content? Consider taking your questions to your instructors and lecturers. With many years of private and academic experience, they can offer unique insight that could help you to develop perfectly positioned content that really resonates with your audience. It's a unique opportunity that smart MBA grads would do well to take advantage of.

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