Event highlights of the WU Executive Club this September

October 04, 2016

Vienna, Zagreb an the world wide web

After a summer break, the WU Executive Club kicked off the new season with a number of rare alumni events this September.

rollup from the club on a table with a view over Vienna

Alumni Lounge on September 29 on the Erste Campus

Alumni had the special chance of seeing the Erste Campus at the Alumni Lounge on September 29. The project manager, Peter Weiss, and Ursula Kuntner, of DNA-People Stream, explained the concept of one of the most innovative working spaces in Austria.

Kick-off Events in Zagreb on September 20: the 1st Alumni Lounge and the 1st Press Brunch

The first Alumni Lounge in Croatia started off with a bang during an official kick off event on September 20 at the Hilton Double Tree in Zagreb. Around 20 alumni came to the event to meet with their former colleagues over a glass of wine and to get an update on the latest alumni services from the Dean of the WU Executive Academy, Prof. Barbara Stöttinger.

The WU Executive Academy invited the leading media representatives to a press brunch the next morning. Prof. Barbara Stöttinger gave a presentation in which she stressed the factors which differentiate the WU Executive Academy from other education providers and why managers from Croatia should come to Vienna to study.

LinkedIn Webinar on September 15, 2016:

The WU Executive Clubs places a significant importance on supporting alumni in their professional development. The Career Center is the place to go. Currently, the associated online services are in high demand. To support this need, Sandra Bichl of Career Angels came to hold a webinar on September 15, 2016. She gave our alumni useful information from an HR expert's perspective on how to use the LinkedIn platform to their benefit.

Sandra Bichl talking in front of a camera at an online career webinar.

Alumni came from across Europe to participate in the event, explained Anastasia Yushkova, who was very pleased with the contents of the webinar.

Anastasia Yushkova

  • MBA Marketing & Sales Alumna | Director of Communications | Sochi Marine Club

I have had a LinkedIn profile for a number of years, but I never had a chance to look at it professionally, as I never applied for a job online. Now, things have changed, and I realized I needed to change my view and my profile, bringing it in line with my goal of finding a new job. Sandra's webinar was really helpful, as she gave simple and wise pieces of advice, helped to fine-tune a profile having a goal in mind and was willing to give individual feedback to every webinar participant, which was very important in my case. Many thanks to Sandra and to the other participants as well, and many thanks to the WU Executive Academy for providing such an opportunity!

Anastasia Yushkova @Linkedin

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