Female executive takes her biggest career step yet after EMBA degree

January 21, 2019

Rita Jakusch after her studies at the WU Executive Academy

It’s no secret that an EMBA degree can provide the toolkit needed to unlock promotions and rise to the top in business.

EMBA graduates enjoy a $10,000 average salary boost and 75% of students say the degree helped them take the next step in their careers at an accelerated pace - according to GMAC’s 2018 Alumni Perspectives Survey.

Picture of the GEMBA student at her graduation
After completing her studies at the WU Executive Academy, Rita Jakusch became Managing Director of HYPO NOE Immobilien. She says she wouldn't have gotten this job without her business degree.

Rita Jakusch is a prime example of how an Executive MBA degree can help you to rise through the ranks. You can read her career story in the recently published article on BusinessBecause here:


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