Get the perfect complement to your EMBA program with executive mentoring

September 26, 2017

Learn about the benefits of mentorship, and how you can build this type of relationship

As you climb the career ladder and earn more advanced leadership roles, you are met with both opportunities and challenges. On one hand, advancing in your career can give you more freedom to implement your own plans and visions, lead effectively, and pursue innovative solutions to problems facing your organization. However, the closer you get to the top, the fewer people there are for you to look up to and learn from.

Finding a mentor who currently holds a role or has had a career that you aspire to can be a great way for you to take the knowledge and skills you acquire during an Executive MBA program and learn to apply them to your career.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of mentorship, and how you can build this type of relationship in your own life.

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Gain an expert, outside perspective alongside your EMBA program

An EMBA program is an excellent way for up-and-coming executives to gain the advanced training and direction they need. For those who want a more personalized form of support to help them get the most out of this educational opportunity, connecting with a professional mentor is the next step to ensure that they get the guidance to become successful business leaders.

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A mentor can help you see new ways of achieving your career ambitions

Mentorship is a tried and true method for receiving critical career and professional guidance – in fact, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Steve jobs have all received mentorship on the way to their respective incredible successes. A mentor can help you refine your goals, develop strategies for navigating professional challenges, and provide you with a vision of what your career progress could look like.

Make sure your mentor is a match for you and your business courses

If you know that a mentor is a good choice for you, the next step is finding one who is the perfect match for your academic and professional ambitions. There are many factors to consider when seeking out a mentor, including the following:

  • The industry and/or company in which the mentor works
  • Whether this individual has experience with mentoring and is open to building this type of relationship
  • The individual’s familiarity with the demands of an EMBA program and the courses you are taking
  • A basis of shared values, as this will make it possible to form a meaningful personal and professional connection with your mentor
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Working with a well-matched mentor can inspire you to raise the bar in your career

Keeping these factors in mind will help you find a mentor who will be able to really contribute to your future career success and help you leverage what you are learning in your Executive Master of Business Administration program.

There are many ways to find an executive mentor during an EMBA program

As a busy professional trying to balance a career and a postgraduate program, you may be wondering how to meet and connect with the right mentor. While there is no ‘right way’ to do this, there are many common paths that have proven useful to individuals seeking mentorship.

You may want to assess those around you at your current organization – are there any more experienced executives that you have a good rapport with, or who have mentored others in the past? Approaching them for a cup of coffee may be a fruitful first step in a longer mentorship process.

Alternatively, there are also many mentorship databases and matching sites that can help ambitious professionals connect with mentors, such as the Aspire Foundation or Ten Thousand Coffees. With a bit of persistence and a professional demeanor, you will be well on your way to making a mentorship connection that can boost your career.

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