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July 19, 2023

Virtual Career Days 2023

The Virtual Career Days recently provided an opportunity for all community members of the WU Executive Academy to receive career advice from headhunters, HR managers of internationally active businesses and career coaches during speed dating sessions.

Since the members of the WU Executive Academy are spread over 99 countries, the event took place in an online format. With this, our international community could take advantage of this valuable career service as well. 

Virtual Career Days 2023

Take Your Career to the Next Level

The event was attended by approximately 90 participants who were eager to receive career advice and tips from 45 distinguished Executive Search Consultants, HR managers and alumni. During the speed dating sessions, participants received valuable input on how to impress people during job interviews, take their careers to the next level, and position themselves successfully as brands.

What stood out in 2023 was that many alumni took the time to consult their MBA colleagues on their personal career questions. This again shows the strong commitment the WU Executive Academy’s alumni community has not only to the program but also towards their MBA peers. The extraordinary value of the network again came to the surface.

Another new aspect was, that topics towards mental health, female empowerment as well as pausing, i.e. taking a break from one’s business, found great interest. Consultants as well as participants reported on the great value of the interactions.

Female Leaders Network at the Virtual Career Days

Katarina Stanisavljevic, president of the Female Leaders Network, took part the second year in a row. She consulted about 15 people during the Virtual Career Days and was impressed by the quality of attendees as well as their career paths. She states that these interactions were of extreme value for both sides. The community members attending got personal one-on-one feedback on their career individual questions and consultants enhanced their network and heard inspiring stories from MBA peers.

Portrait Katarina Stanisavljevic

Katarina Stanisavljevic

  • President of the Female Leaders Network

All in all, the Virtual Career Days were a win-win situation for both sides!

The Virtual Career Days as Part of Your MBA Journey

The Virtual Career Days represent only one component of the career accelerator program which the MBA community receives during and after their MBA journey.

A resume of Romana Roschinsky and Regine Eitelbös: "This year was a special one. We never had so many different consultants from various industries. In fact, the number of consultants reached an all-time high record level. Also, we never counted more volunteering alumni than in 2023. We see this as a major success stone for our community. Members are ready to connect, support and accompany their peers not only during the MBA journey but far beyond."

Barbara Stöttinger, dean of the WU Executive Academy adds: "The additional value you get out of the MBA is not only an international network but sometimes friendships that last a lifetime."

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