Giving your MBA courses a boost with extracurricular activities

February 08, 2017

Part-time MBA courses provide the flexibility to pursue a range extracurricular activities, making your overall experience more rewarding.


While being a student is an immersive experience requiring extensive dedication and hard work, it's important to make some time for activities beyond your studies. Extracurricular activities are often an integral component of MBA applications, demonstrating initiative, passion and a level of engagement that makes well-rounded candidates. Successful MBA students continue to seek out interesting clubs, activities, and events throughout their postgraduate studies, taking advantage of every opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge through diverse experiences.

Voluntary activities are a chance to develop your talents in areas of personal interest, meet new friends and professional contacts, and practice communication and leadership skills in different contexts. Choosing activities that align with your personal purpose and career goals can also enhance your profile to stand out in the job market.

The flexible format of WU Executive Academy's MBA programs with their part-time structure and state-of-the-art e-learning platform enable students to continue working while studying and also explore extracurricular activities in Vienna and internationally.

An ideal environment to pursue a Master's in Business Administration

The WU Executive Academy campus in the vibrant heart of Vienna is a dynamic international setting to launch your transformative business education. The Austrian city is steeped in culture, offering some of Europe's finest museums, opera houses, festivals, parks, markets, and traditional cafes. It is known as one of the most liveable cities in the world and one of the best for students, full of breathtaking scenery and architecture, great food options, and recreation opportunities. It's also the world's largest wine-growing capital city!

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Vienna is an inspiring city for study and exploration

Right next to the WU campus is the oasis of greenery known as the Prater Park, which offers enormous expanses for exercise and also hosts the world's oldest (and possibly most charming) amusement park. The innovative and inspiring WU campus environment itself is designed to facilitate study, meetings, and relaxation, including numerous facilities such as a large Sports Center. Students can engage with like-minded peers in various clubs and athletic activities on or off-campus, having fun and extending their networks.

Students in WU's MBA courses have access to exclusive events

Students begin their MBA courses with an orientation session and opening ceremony, helping you get to know your classmates, reflect on your development priorities, and understand how you can best contribute to the program. WU Executive Academy holds frequent information sessions across Europe and events in Vienna, providing expert insights to advance your career prospects. Some of these events like our upcoming Speed CV Check are exclusively for WU Executive Club members, our globe-spanning alumni network, and many can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

The WU Ball is a prestigious event for political and economic notables and students from around the world

In an international MBA, your learning opportunities are enhanced by numerous company visits, guest speakers, and extracurricular experiences in inspiring locations across the planet. Exploring the nuances of each culture to the fullest potential will enhance the understanding you bring to your business courses. Besides these career-focused opportunities, there are also special events to look forward to, such as the annual WU Ball. With so many extracurricular activities to choose from, be sure to exercise your time management skills and participate in those that best meet your goals, lifestyle, and experience.

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