How a Global Executive MBA provides a career boost for women

July 15, 2021

Women looking to get a career boost can gain a lot from a Global Executive MBA degree. Here are some of the professional benefits that can come from completing this program.


Women are increasingly taking on roles in corporate leadership, finding new opportunities for advancement and success in the world of business. One common path that many individuals take to boost their careers is to complete an MBA degree. These programs are renowned for providing a great grounding in many different elements of business, and can help you gain the skills and exposure to new opportunities that you'll need for future business success. Are you a woman looking to give your career a boost? Here are a few of the specific ways that earning an MBA degree can help you!

Getting a Global Executive MBA degree is a great way to grow your professional network

Access to new employment opportunities is often granted through friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. For greater access to opportunities for career advancement, it is beneficial for women to develop an extensive professional network. By studying in an MBA program, you can forge connections with classmates who come from all sorts of industries — everything from manufacturing, to advertising, to finance, and beyond. This provides a great opportunity to meet potential future partners for collaboration from all over the world, and also to gain insights into business practices from other regions or industries, which could prove useful in your own work. Completing executive MBA programs at the WU Executive Academy also grants you access to the WU Executive Club, the largest MBA alumni network in Central and Eastern Europe. This can help you build connections with past and future graduates as well, greatly expanding the scope of your network over time. For a career-focused woman looking for every advantage in the workplace, these are excellent assets to have.

Global Executive MBA training provides you with expert instruction in useful areas of business

Global Executive MBA training can provide you with expert insights into many areas of business and management. As a student, you will learn about how businesses deal with money, work within society, use data to make informed decisions, and much more. By graduation, you will be well prepared to work as a leader in many different areas of business — everything from financial management, to data analysis, and beyond. At the WU Executive Academy, you will learn all of your courses material under the guidance of expert professors, many of whom have taught in some of the world's very best universities, and from exciting industry guests from the top of the business world. This ensures that you get unique insights from both the academic and practical sides of the business world, ensuring a broader understanding of the subjects you explore. For women who want to make a huge leap in their business understanding, this represents an amazing opportunity.

Executive MBA degrees can lead to greater earnings & opportunities

An important benefit for many female graduates of MBA programs is a great increase in career earnings and potential. According to research by the Global Management Admission Council, women MBA graduates who took on a new career position after graduating saw a median salary increase of 91% over their previous earnings. The same study also revealed that Executive MBA degrees in particular are a great pathway to high-level roles. About 40% of women with an Global Executive MBA work in senior-level management positions and 27% in executive-level roles — both higher than regular MBAs or Master’s of Management degrees.

If you want to work at higher executive positions, or improve your odds of earning a higher salary, you will do well to enroll at our institution. WU Executive Academy boasts triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, and graduates of our Global Executive MBA program receive both a European degree and an American one from our partner, the University of Minnesota. This ensures that no matter where you go, your new qualification will be recognized and valued, and you can make the career progress you desire.

Female MBA Student during the Russia residency in a factory for cars
Women with executive MBA degrees can go on to higher-level roles and greater salaries

Are you looking to enroll in the Global Executive MBA or the Executive MBA Bucharest program? Get in touch with us at mba(at) to see if your profile is a good fit.

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