How an MBA in Energy Management can prepare you for a career in energy geopolitics

December 04, 2018

The skills you Need to break in the highly rewarding field

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Energy geopolitics is a fast-paced, complex and highly rewarding field.

Since at least the time of the Industrial Revolution, the energy sector has played a pivotal role in global politics, and vice versa. Where resources are located, the international partnerships used to develop those resources into usable energy, and where that energy is being used are all questions of great significance not only to energy producers, investors, and distributors, but also to politicians and governments charged with making effective use of their national resources while ensuring that the needs of their citizens and local industries are being met. Broadly speaking, this is what is meant by the term energy geopolitics: the complex intersection of politics, geography, and energy resources.

Navigating the world of energy geopolitics involves understanding and balancing an incredibly wide range of concerns. The stability of political regimes, new developments in green technology, and growing populations are just a sampling of some of the factors that can impact energy markets. This means that to thrive in the field, professionals will want to develop a broad understanding of not only energy markets themselves, but also politics, geography, and other closely related subjects.

An MBA in Energy Management is one of the best ways to develop this understanding, as well as the skills and tools necessary to effectively employ it. Read on to learn more about how an Energy Management MBA can prepare you for a rewarding career in energy geopolitics.

Understand global markets with an MBA in energy management

International markets have become highly complex and interconnected. Having a solid understanding of how these markets work is essential for those hoping to work in energy geopolitics, and a professional MBA can provide students with exactly the kind of comprehensive overview of the global business environment they need, improving their ability to assess new business opportunities and changing market environments.

With an MBA in energy management, students can also learn how to analyze the structural developments affecting the global oil and gas industries, and identify the main drivers shaping these industries in both the short- and long-term.

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Develop expertise in global energy markets with WU Executive Academy's MBA in Energy Management.

Learn how to navigate complex regulatory frameworks

Regulations also play an important role in energy geopolitics, and a thorough understanding can provide advantages for professionals working to pursue and develop opportunities within regulatory regimes that can sometimes be complex and challenging. An MBA in Energy Geopolitics provides students with an understanding of how political, legal, contractual, and institutional frameworks influence these regulations, as well as an overview of the trends shaping future energy regulation, so that students can learn how use the information at their disposal to plan ahead and prepare for changes in the industry.

Take advantage of opportunities in the growing field of renewable energy

With concerns growing over the environmental impacts of traditional energy sources, there are significant changes underway in modern energy geopolitics, with a growing focus on the importance of clean and renewable energy sources, as well as curbing the harmful side-effects of oil and gas production and consumption.

An MBA in energy management will introduce students to the environmental issues related to the generation, transport, and use of energy, as well as potential solutions to these issues. Students learn about regulatory and policy issues relating to energy infrastructure and the environment, as well as technological options to overcome the constraints of large-scale energy usage. Students can also learn about renewable energy sources and technologies such as solar, wind, and hydropower, giving them the expertise to stay at the forefront of today’s increasing environmentally-conscious energy industries.

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An MBA in energy management can prepare you for a career in renewable energy.

Are you interested in preparing for a career in energy geopolitics at MBA university? Contact WU Executive Academy to learn more about our MBA in Energy Management.

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