How to be a top sales performer

March 07, 2019

Sales Chat

We’re already into the third month of 2019! How is Q1 looking for you so far? Maybe it started off with a bang. Maybe it has been a slow start. Either way, you don’t want to miss this #SalesChat. Host John Golden interviews Ago Cluytens on how salespeople can better leverage their sales potential and stay motivated when goals seem unreachable. Cluytens will share secrets that have lead to success for him and so many other top sales performers.

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Episode questions

  • What are the top sales secrets that make high performers so much more successful than the rest?

  • What are top sellers doing to be always focused on reaching their sales goals?

  • How can salespeople maximize their own sales motivation and leverage their sales potential?


Portrait Ago Cluytens

Ago Cluytens is Practice Director EMEA at RAIN Group, and a recognized global B2B sales thought leader on understanding the buyer's perspective in sales, Insight Selling, and selling to the C-suite.

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