How to coach the complex sale

May 09, 2019

Sales Chat

There are many moving parts in a sales process which gives way to complexity, especially if you don’t have a plan. Host John Golden interviews Alice Heiman on what exactly makes a sale complex and how sales teams can embrace it. She also discusses the roadblocks sales leaders specifically face throughout a sales process.

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Episode questions

  • What exactly makes a sale complex and how can sales leaders and salespeople understand this complexity?

  • What are the struggles that sales leaders are confronted with in sales?

  • How can sales leaders support sales to close more complex deals?



Portrait Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman is a nationally recognized sales expert with guest appearances on television and radio broadcasts. She’s been featured in Entrepreneur’s “Startups and Selling Power.” In teaching the fine art of selling, she has earned a host of awards including Saleswoman of the Year and Marketer of the Year.

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