How Your MBA in Sales Can Help You Better Manage Teams

September 17, 2019

How updating and expanding your expertise can help you manage a powerful sales force

Pic of an executive with a MBA in marketing leading a team
Managing teams is a necessity and an MBA can help doing it better.

Executives know that managing a sales team involves organization, motivation and getting to know your team. Building relationships is just as important in managing sales teams as it is in conducting sales. By understanding what your team’s strengths are and what motivates them, you can hold influential power and lead the group more effectively.

As there is no one-size-fits-all approach to management, the more education you have, the better equipped you will be. Creative solutions and innovation are part of what makes a strong leader. Read on for more about why your education in sales can improve your team management skills.

Your MBA in Sales Gives You State-of-the-Art Sales Know-How for Training

Excellent sales management prioritizes training as an ongoing process. Sales reps that are continuously learning can adopt a growth mindset both towards their team as a whole and themselves individually. Teams that keep training as a regular part of their management strategy well beyond the on-boarding process are able to constantly expand upon foundational skills.

With an ability to keep your finger on the pulse of new sales strategies and innovative ideas, you will have a keen awareness of what should be rolled into training to best serve your team’s goals. Choosing training and continuing education is most effective when done strategically and carefully by an expert in the field. An MBA in marketing & sales gives you a wider scope of expertise to draw from, enabling you to guide your team’s ongoing training towards relevant trends and skills.

A group of people with MBA in marketing solves a problem
Updated, cutting-edge knowledge and continuous learning strengthens a sales team.

An MBA in Marketing & Sales Gives You a Heightened Perspective on Teams

Broadening and updating your knowledge and awareness of marketing and sales offers you a wealth of perspective when analyzing team dynamics and individuals. Getting to know your sales reps and their unique strengths and motivations is massively beneficial when motivating a group in pursuit of a goal. Individual goals can be further personalized with more knowledge, setting clearly defined targets that are realistic and take advantage of the individual assets each sales rep offers.

A deeper knowledge of each person you manage also increases engagement and strengthens relationships between employees and management. One-on-one attention and personalized feedback are excellent ways to connect and engage team members. In your MBA, you will learn about managing people and leadership so that you can more effectively engage the members of your team.

Gain Updated and Optimal Knowledge on Sales Strategies to Lead a Team

The level of expertise that comes with a Master in Business Administration gives you the best knowledge currently available for leaders in sales and marketing. As a professional with successes and experiences to draw from, further education can put the finishing touches on your personal value and provide you with the latest information to gain a competitive edge.

An awareness of the most current and relevant strategies in sales will enable you to apply fine-tuned plans of action that are effective and smart. Your team will trust you as an authority on market expertise and you will be able to provide them with the tools they need to reach goals as a cohesive unit.

WU Executive Academy’s program combines sales knowledge with marketing to let graduates leave with the ability to combine these two elements. Leading a team to excellent performance and utilization of their skills can be done through collaboration and an understanding of the industry that goes well beyond the fundamentals.

3 people with MBA in marketing discuss something
Sales and marketing knowledge combine to enhance collaboration and effectiveness of teams.

Are you interested in an MBA in Sales? Contact WU Executive Academy to learn more.

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