Innovation Management | Werner Müller

October 01, 2020

Werner Müller is associate partner at in-manas, a leading innovation and strategy consultancy in Austria.

Werner shares his comprehensive knowledge and practical experience with the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation students in the course of the module “Strategies of Innovation”.

Digitization and disruption

Digitization of knowledge and processes will massively influence the way consultants and companies work together and disruptively change it in the near future. Consultants will increasingly take on the role of industry or methodological experts, while the standard routines in the strategy and innovation process will be increasingly implemented digitally and autonomously by companies with the help of apps and tools.

Management 4.0

With more than 30 years of professional experience, half of it in top management and the other in strategy and innovation consulting, I know the expectations of both sides in depth and can assess what this change will look like. The software platform developed by in-manas aims to be a pioneer towards Management 4.0 and intends to drive others instead of being pushed.

How to innovate innovation management

In the discourse with students and post-graduates, exciting and often new aspects, approaches and ideas emerge, which on the one hand help us to sharpen our offer, and on the other hand give students a view of how "innovation of innovation management" could happen.

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