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Master Social Innovation & Management | Part-Time Program in Vienna

Master Social Innovation & Management

The Master Social Innovation & Management is designed to accelerate the understanding of the current core dimensions of social innovation and management. It empowers leaders in civil society, philanthropy, and the social enterprise sector as well as the nonprofit sector to elaborate and reinforce innovation and management knowledge. The program equips an international group of participants with current state-of-the-art knowledge, methods, tools, techniques and skills to further develop their innovation and management skills on all levels.

Transformative leadership through cooperative learning

Thinking beyond boundaries, imagining the future, transferring thinking in acting, supporting, and developing the highest ethical professional standards, and advancing public interest for societal problem areas are the bearing principles of cooperative learning fostered within this program.

Additionally, conversations with experienced scientists, experts, peers and coaches enable a constructive and target-oriented development of outcome-oriented and transferable knowledge. Moreover, organizationally relevant as well as civil society-related perspectives play a decisive role.

In collaboration with

Portrait Renate Buber

Renate Buber

  • Academic Director

The maturity of a society´s culture is assessed by how societal and social problem areas are perceived and solved. This trailblazing program offers a manifold, qualitatively high-class education for people who take responsibility for it and want to get things moving by future-oriented management and social innovations.

Modern content addressing current needs

Based on existing experience, current demand and educational objectives individually tailored targets are defined. The topics covered range from innovation and strategy, social entrepreneurship, marketing psychology and market research, social work and impact in a digital environment (blockchain and impact, digital citizenship, impact reporting), crowdfunding, social finance and impact investing, social politics, and conflicting institutional logics to grant proposal writing within the European framework. This master's program is structured in six week-long modules.

Electives and field trips

In addition, two electives provide the opportunity and flexibility to set individual priorities within personal interests. In order to challenge the participants´ knowledge and to enable expert discussions with successful practitioners, the program is comprised of several field trips to leading organizations.

Master’s thesis

The development of the participants´ study projects is accompanied by innovation and management experts. The master's thesis is build on it and reflects the practical acts by a scientific, methodological point of view.

Ramya Nagesh Portrait

Ramya Nagesh

  • Marketing Director
  • Impact Hub Vienna

As a marketing professional looking to change tracks in my career, the program was a great fit. It was built for people who were working and, therefore, was a balanced theory and practical approach. It gave me things to take back and put into practice at my workplace while I was studying. Moreover, it exposed me to a great cohort of students coming from different international perspectives that always provided engaging discussions and a lot of learning. The course also had a great mix of professors, practitioners, guest faculty, and entrepreneurs, giving us food for thought in every subject matter we engaged in. Overall, choosing the program was the right decision for me to bridge the worlds of impact and marketing.

    • Real-Life Content

      • Expert discussions with successful practitioners
      • Field trips to leading organizations in the field
      • Direct application of newly acquired knowledge to the job
    • Blended Learning

      • Intensive 15-months study program, part-time
      • 6 blocked modules each approx. 1 week in duration
      • Physical lectures at Campus WU and online classes
    • Target Group

      • People holding positions in project- and programm management in nonprofit organizations
      • Entrepreneurs and employees from social start-ups
      • People who strive for a new career in the field of social services
      • Corporate social responsibility managers in for-profit organizations
      • Innovation managers
    • International Faculty

      • Faculty members from international top universities
      • Acclaimed experts and researchers
      • Guest speakers from successful, renowned organizations

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