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WU Executive Academy Podcast: Know How to Succeed

Know How to Inspire

About the Podcast

The WU Executive Academy now has its own podcast to provide you with real stories from successful members of our community of alumni and students.

Top managers from different countries, industries and backgrounds will give you exclusive insights into:

  • their career development

  • personal mistakes, challenges and learnings

  • required leadership skills

  • the mindset needed for change and cultural differences

  • the advantages of a powerful network and their MBA experience

The host of this insightful podcast is none other than Čedomir Pušica, a current MBA student who is very passionate about his program and the people he has been meeting. Look out for new episodes, published regularly.

Listen to our podcast to get:

  • tips for a successful life

  • practical career and networking advice

  • inspiration from some of today’s brightest leaders

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