Managing growth in new ventures | Jubin Honarfar

October 01, 2020

Jubin Honarfar is a co-founder and CEO of whatchado.

Managing (rapid) growth in a new venture is strategically highly important but also challenging.

Setting new trends

Jubin co-founded his first start-up in 2012. Fast forward to today, whatchado is Europe's largest Video Career Platform for Young Professionals. As CEO of the company at the intersection of HR and recruiting, he always tries to be one step ahead of current developments in the market and set new trends. In the start-up sector, daily business is often compared to an exciting roller coaster ride, and indeed Jubin has gained a lot of valuable knowledge during the past years. From founding the company to hitting a strong growth phase over the firm’s restructuring and ongoing development of our business solutions, he can draw on a wealth of experience.

Promoting human potential

Therefore, Jubin is excited about sharing his knowledge of HR-Tech, recruiting and management with other people. Whatchado unites many great personalities with the most varied of talents in an international team. Discovering, promoting and challenging human potential is his greatest passion and he is thrilled to be able to do that as a field expert at the WU Executive Academy.

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