Katarina Stanisavljevic, MBA & Kseniia Pritchina, MBA

March 12, 2023

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Katarina Stanisavljevic, MBA & Kseniia Pritchina Portraits

Kseniia was part of the 2023 Mentoring program and the challenge she addressed with her mentor Katarina was that she wanted to make a career transition that included a change of country, moving from SME to big corporate and a change in function. 

Kseniia: “I didn’t want to have just any job. My goal was to be a project manager, which was the specialisation of my MBA program at WU EA. With Katarina we have brainstormed and collaborated to better highlight my project management experience in my CV and also to make it ‘bot-proof’. I’m excited to say that I’m now a project manager at Henkel.

Whoever made the match, it was perfect. And for others considering to join the mentoring program, I absolutely recommend it. My advice would be to be clear what you want to achieve and agree on a structured approach with your mentor.”

Katarina: “Working with  Kseniia was an amazing experience. It was very clear to me that she will reach her goal as she sees every challenge as an opportunity and is an action oriented person. I have enjoyed my time with Ksenia and her great spirit and have learned a lot as well. Kseniia is my benchmark for self-determination.”

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