Kicking off a new round of Mentoring4U

February 21, 2024

Mentoring 4U

Our one-on-one Mentoring4U program connects high-potential MBA students with experienced alumni from within our WU EA Executive Club community; it facilitates knowledge transfer and career guidance in a personal setting and helping both parties to learn and develop on more than just a professional level. 

We kicked off the latest round of Mentoring4u on Valentine’s Day 2024...what better day to bring our mentoring couples together! And this year Mentoring4U is really growing! After 2 years of piloting our program with a select handful of mentoring pairs, we are supporting 49 mentoring pairs this year!

To be able to efficiently match of such a large number of participants, we are making use of our exclusive community platform WU EA Connect and its built-in mentoring program features. Based on profile information and individual mentoring preferences as well as the focus of the program the platform’s algorithm identified ideal matches between mentors and mentees participating in Mentoring4U.

From our online kick-off….

Participants of the M4U Kickoff

Dean Barbara Stöttinger explained how the idea of Mentoring4u was born - to use the amazing network of the WU EA Executive Club community. She emphasised the potential of mentoring to bring together people with similar experiences at the WU Executive Academy and to support their professional and personal development. Dean Stöttinger encouraged all participants to take advantage of the wisdom of the crowd and to engage in conversations with their mentors and mentees for support and sharing of experiences.

Dean Barbara Stöttinger

Čedomir Pušica (MBA Marketing & Sales, Class of 2022), who has already been involved as a mentor in Mentoring4U in 2023, was kind enough to share his experience of the programme. Before joining Mentoring4U in 2023, Čedomir was not sure if he would be able to do justice to being a mentor. But in his experience, mentoring really helps both mentors and mentees to grow. He considers himself lucky to be able to support his mentee on her journey and it was also a great opportunity to do things you don't normally do. He illustrated how powerful and beneficial being a mentor has been.

Čedomir Pušica Portrait

…to milestone after milestone, online and live….

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The Community Engagement Team 'behind' Mentoring4U then presented the technical aspects of how Mentoring4U will be coordinated using the potential of the WU EA Connect platform. Participants will be able to connect directly with each other and use Connect as a closed program group and communication hub for the duration of the program. 4 milestones have been defined to guide the mentoring journey of our mentoring pairs over the next 4 months. These milestones provide a structure into which each pair will fit their individual mentoring journey and focus on different aspects of mentoring.

…and finally the live meeting at the finishing line

This latest round of Mentoring4U will culminate on June 13, 2024, when all mentors and mentees will be invited to a closing event at the WU Executive Academy. This gathering will provide an opportunity for all mentors and mentees to share and reflect on their Mentoring4U experiences. For the Community Engagement team, this will also be a valuable opportunity to learn how to further develop Mentoring4U to continue to benefit our community. And when all is said and done, mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to celebrate together at the WU Summer Festival.

Want to become a mentor or mentee?

If you are interested in joining Mentoring4U, the next round will be announced to our community in due course. Check the website for more information about the program and if you have any questions, please contact us at ea-mentoring(at)

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