Lilly Sommer, MBA & Maximilian Hoffner, MBA

March 12, 2023

Mentoring4U Experiences

Lilly Sommer & Maximilian Hoffner

During the 2023 mentoring program, Max and Lilly focused on two topics: 1) he wanted to change jobs from radiology to interventional radiology and 2) he wanted to further develop a startup idea that came up with a colleague during their MBA studies.

Max: “The impact on my professional life came through Lilly’s advice to act: try things, to make appointments with the bosses and to apply for a new job or field of work instead of thinking and thinking and hesitating. This helped me to put away obstacles and to act instead of pausing. Now I have a new job and I am happy about it. It was easier than I thought.

To others thinking about joining the mentoring program, I can only say ‘Just go for it.’ A mentoring program will bring you new thoughts, new insights, new and interesting people. You will profit by rethinking your goals and habits and by getting advice from experienced persons. In addition your network grows for one important person.”

Lilly: “Max and I were a great match. It was a mutual learning experience and a joy to get to know him. He is determined and made it happen. I have no doubt he will excel in his new job and am curious to see where his startup endeavors will take him. Working in healthtech, I regularly work with doctors. What the interactions with Max highlighted for me is the personal impact a job in healthcare brings for the individuals. Especially with the current staff shortages. I take this back to my job and how I work with doctors, and also with new insights what companies that manufacture medical devices can do to support doctors in their work.”

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