Marketing + Sales = Success²

July 13, 2017

The two should team up and eventually develop a better mutual understanding.

The situation is reminiscent of siblings: They have a lot to do with, but do not always understand, each other. At times, they argue; occasionally, one of them insists on being right, and sometimes, they want different things. But still, they belong together. Marketing and sales are like two sides of the same coin, like day and night, like yin and yang. In a digital world where customers are only a click of a mouse button away from products, marketing and sales are more interdependent than ever. Red Bull, for instance, sells not just an energy drink but stories, photos and videos about adventures and extreme sports. It is only thanks to the winning combination of marketing and sales that the Salzburg-based group has become a global player.

According to management pioneer Peter F. Drucker, marketing is about seeing the world through the eyes of customers. There is just one problem with this idea: Generally speaking, marketing departments deal with customers only indirectly: They research markets and target groups and reach out to them via the most important communication channels. More often than not, sales professionals who canvass (potential) customers on a daily basis, are the ones who really know what works and where the problems lie.

During the WU Executive Academy's “Marketing & Sales” certificate program, participants gain a detailed understanding of both perspectives. They familiarize themselves with both worlds and, in doing so, acquire all the relevant marketing and sales tools and skills. Whatever their future careers, as marketing managers graduates will understand their sales colleagues better, and vice versa. This, in turn, will make for greater innovation, greater productivity and greater efficiency on the job.

Portrait of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barbara Stöttinger

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Dean of the WU Executive Academy

In the course of our Marketing & Sales certificate program, we help participants develop their understanding of the enormous potential businesses can unlock when these two core areas join forces and pull together. To this end, we make a conscious effort to overcome the traditional, albeit anachronistic, separation between marketing and sales.

An asset to employers

Program graduates are also highly qualified to work at the intersection of marketing and sales, which makes them an invaluable asset to employers, given that many businesses are currently looking for comprehensively trained individuals to join their marketing and sales teams. For self-employed professionals, marketing and sales skills are vitally important when it comes to achieving business success. Even the best products and the most valuable services will be of no use if one is unable to successfully sell them to the intended target groups. Founders and entrepreneurs can deepen their understanding of markets and target groups with a view to making people buy their products and/or services.

Two men shaking hands
Understanding marketing and sales makes you an invaluable asset to employers. Photo © CC0 Public Domain

Our expert faculty of academics and sales and agency professionals will introduce you not only to digital marketing, strategic brand management and cross-media campaigns but also to market research, sales psychology and the art of conducting successful sales conversations. As a graduate of our certificate program, you will have all the necessary tools and skills to meet the challenges of today's complex environment, in which brands and their emotionalization, closeness to customers and innovative, out-of-the-box thinking as well as persuasiveness and the ability to reach out to target groups in unconventional ways are crucially important building blocks of business success. In the course of your training, you will develop creative, innovative marketing strategies and think about how to translate your ideas into successful sales activities, all while focusing on both profits and costs. You have marketing and sales experience and are looking to broaden your horizons and deepen your knowledge? You would like to achieve this in as little as three terms by attending a part-time program that focuses on what really matters? If so, submit your application now! After all, marketing plus sales equals success to the power of two.

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