Mobile apps that help students in EMBA programs excel

July 05, 2018

Top applications for students completing an EMBA program

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Mobile devices offer key applications for time management, project planning and personal organization.

As tools for both entertainment and personal organization, mobile devices have the potential to either hinder or help productiveness. Balancing their more procrastination-educing features, these devices also offer key applications for time management, project planning and personal organization. These apps can contribute to the success of top students, who use phones and tablets to meet their commitments and performance objectives.

The benefits of these applications are heightened in MBA school, where students learn to navigate deadlines, develop business ideas and coordinate group projects. In addition to broad academic success, personal applications help manage the particular expectations of top business programs.

Find out more about the applications that help EMBA students excel.

Mobile apps help students organize and meet personal objectives

Personal organization is critical at business school, and mobile apps are increasingly used to meet personal objectives in school and business. The most popular applications help students invest fully in their work, maximizing the habits and strategies that make them most productive. Among these popular apps, Evernote allows students to take class notes or save personal memos in the method of their choosing – integrating text, audio and image functions. Operating across devices, this application is especially helpful for storing large files – or searching, sharing and editing notes remotely.

Students also turn to applications like to keep track of outstanding tasks and commitments. allows students to plan meetings and schedule reminders, ensuring all tasks are completed by their deadlines. For students who seek a strategic edge for planning and decision-making, The Decision App helps users analyze concerns and figures to choose the best possible course of action. This app is especially popular among students at business executives university, where success is often predicated on quick but sound decisions.

Students benefit from teamwork applications

Preparing students for a fast-paced and collaborative business environment, a leading EMBA program will hone key teamwork skills. Students can use new apps to enhance team performance, combining the unique sharing and productivity functions of mobile devices. Dropbox is a student favorite, allowing group members to share large files remotely.

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Effective group work can help students build long-term professional networks.

Trello is also popular for teamwork, helping students manage shared deadlines with to-do lists, assigned tasks and progress updates. For remote work, Google Hangouts allows for productive online meetings, with screencast capabilities that enable collaboration on a single document. Asana, Slack and Doodle are also team favorites, helping schedule group work and coordinate joint tasks.

Business apps can help students excel in an EMBA program

With one foot in school and the other in business, EMBA students can benefit from leading industry apps, planning future ventures between classes. With combined appeal in student and professional circles, Roambi Analytics helps users present their findings and strategies – transforming data into digestible figures and charts. This application is especially helpful for students hoping to log and ultimately present their latest business ideas. Elevatr is also a helpful tool for entrepreneurs, helping users generate a viable business model from their latest idea.

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Business news apps help EMBA students engage with their courses.

Finally, students excel by keeping abreast of the latest updates from the business world. News applications like Columbia Business, Business Insider and Money Week offer the latest industry news, helping students develop greater perspective on course outcomes and participate in fruitful discussion with their peers.

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