Musical speed dating for executives - enhance your network

May 21, 2019

Interview with Lorenz Huber

When it comes to networking, musicians and leaders have more in common than you might think. With one big difference: musicians are aware of the importance of personal contacts for their own careers - many managers still underestimate the power of a handpicked MBA network.

In the following interview, Lorenz Huber, conductor and freelance consultant, explains what the participants can expect from the "musical speed dating" on 24 May 2019 and why he treats every single one of his contacts with great care.

Pic of Lorenz Huber
Lorenz Huber talks about "musical speed dating". Photo ©

Lorenz, why is networking so important for a (top) musician?

The scene is constantly in motion, and those who do not follow these movements quickly lose touch.

How exactly does musical speed dating work?

Without disclosing too much: Our audience will mingle and get to know each other in different constellations and – most of all - will have a lot of fun.

What role does music play in this? Why do you bring a saxophonist and play the piano yourself?

The music creates an atmosphere and a specific dynamics, which both makes conversations pleasant. We will also make music together with our guests, but don't worry, nobody has to sing or dance alone ;-)

How do people who do not know each other before manage to get to know each other really well after the 2-hour session?

What is key is the genuine interest in the interlocutors and the willingness to talk about oneself. We enable you to get in touch with many alumni. They can then decide which contacts they would like to deepen.

What can managers specifically learn from musicians when it comes to networking?

During breaks, musicians easily explore the latest developments in the scene and draw attention to themselves. However, you should also look out for signs of intrigue and not get involved. Fruitful networking depends on trust.

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