My Tallinn in 24 Hours

March 04, 2020

Only a short stopover in Tallinn? Here are some hidden spots - told by a local

Who knows a city better than a local or someone who has lived there for many years? Global Executive MBA alumna (class 2012) Mae Leyrer shares her favorite bars, places and hidden spots in Tallinn which give it such a special flair. Discover the city from a very personal and, most probably, very different perspective.

Picture of Tallinn
Explore Tallinn through the eyes of Mae Leyrer, Global Executive MBA alumna and local. Photo © CC0 Licence

Eating, drinking and having breakfast

What is your favorite restaurant/bar/café in Tallinn and why? What do I definitely need to try (food, drinks, meet people, etc.)?

Noa is an absolute must visit restaurant. It’s at the edge of the city and one can’t walk there, yet it’s absolutely worth the effort of grabing a taxi and enjoying a gourmet evening with breathtaking view at the city skyline. Yes, that’s why I love it. Food is prepared with utmost care and you will always have a pleasant surprise. Besides that the skyline view at Tallinn is one of a kind from there. For the best experience get a table with view and bare in mind the sunset time when booking it. This will assure you an unforgettable experience! 

Hidden spots

As a Tallinn insider, what places do you recommend visiting which can’t be found in a tourist guide? Please share your hidden spots.

Telliskivi creative city is a place you will not find in tourist guides, yet it’s the Estonian startup hub and gives an understanding how Estonians have turned old factory buildings into startup mecca. You will also find tons of restaurants and beer bars there. So grab a friend and discover the place in the evening after work is over and you’ll have a chance to meet some of the current or future global startup celebrities. This gives you a very different feeling of the city and shows how little is needed for startup creativity to boom and that businesses don’t need the most expensive premises. Simplicity is the key and this spot proves it!

Picture of a bar/restaurant in Telliskivi
Telliskivi is an area of former factury buildings, which are now homes to plenty startup businesses.

Tallinn at its best

Why is Tallinn one of the coolest places in the world? What makes it special?

Tallinn has one of Europe’s oldest originally preserved old towns. It will be like walking in the Middle Ages. Especially if you make it to Tallinn during Hansadays! 

Picture of Tallinns Old Town
Tallinns Old Town is filled with impressive buildings from another time. Photo © CC0 Licence

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