Natalia Villanueva Garcia, MBA & Emilia Gniesser, MBA

March 12, 2023

Mentoring4U Experiences

Natalia Villanueva Garcia & Emilia Gniesser

Emilia was part of the Mentoring4U 2023 program, her goal was to broaden the scope of career paths and identify what is important for her as a professional and as a woman. 

Natalia: “I come from the music industry. Everytime I have the opportunity to work with someone from a different industry and share very personal experiences, my whole vibe becomes more at ease rather than taking everything so seriously. Seven years ago, I only knew artists. I thought corporate people wouldn’t have intuitive and creative skills. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I know, and this time was no different, that despite the difference in industry, the problems are so similar and also the way to address them. So that I can support someone like Emilia.

My advice to mentees and mentors would be to follow Carl Rogers ‘unconditional positive regard’. Meaning to accept the other as they are as a whole and not picking what you like and what you don’t like.”  

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