New: MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science

January 22, 2020

Unique specialization with modular flexible format

The MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science is the latest addition to the WU Executive Academy's portfolio of MBA programs: This pioneering specialization will provide executives with the chance to develop their understanding of cutting-edge topics and to acquire the practical leadership skills that have come to be indispensable. This MBA ensures that leaders are ready to optimally respond to the particular challenges encountered in the fields of digitization, big data and digital strategy. Thanks to the new, more flexible delivery format, there will be more networking opportunities, and students will be able to personalize their learning journeys to an even greater extent. In this respect, the new specialization is perfectly adaptable to individual needs and schedules.

Picture of a digital hand holding a digital globe
The new Professional MBA specialization prepares managers for the challenges of the future.

These days, digitization, disruption and big data rank high on the corporate agenda everywhere because the rapid transformation affects all industries. In response to this situation, the WU Executive Academy has developed a new Professional MBA specialization: Designed to equip students with the fundamentals of both the technologies and the associated management tools the Digital Transformation & Data Science (DD) specialization will provide managers with an opportunity to link management knowledge with digitization. The approach is very hands-on in order to gain a better understanding of general underlying principles, mechanisms and dynamics.

Portrait Barbara Stöttinger

Prof. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Dean of the WU Executive Academy

One of our priorities in developing the program has been to not only prepare executives for dealing with hot topics in leadership but to also equip them with the very core competencies that will make the difference between success and failure in the future: In addition to developing their understanding of digital transformation and data science in the course of the core modules, students will get to explore topics such as strategic foresight, disruption, blockchain or organizational design during the electives, which they will be able to choose according to their personal preferences.

Cutting-edge topics, great flexibility

What makes the new specialization special is the fact that it will be possible for students to build their learning journeys around their individual needs and requirements. Rather than having to rigidly follow a given schedule, participants will be able to earn their MBA degrees in different ways. The modules of the specialization will be made up of open programs from the WU Executive Academy's current range of open programs.

Portrait Helga Pattart-Drexler

Helga Pattart-Drexler

  • Head of Executive Education

As a result of this interdisciplinary structure, the impact in terms of networking will be exponentially more powerful: Throughout the program, students will not only interact with their MBA colleagues but also network with other experts from the short programs who, for instance, attend just a single specialization module. This wide variety of contacts will be an extremely valuable career asset to participants.

Another advantage of the new Professional MBA specialization will be its high degree of flexibility as far as learning intensity and program duration are concerned: In addition to acquiring an understanding of traditional general-management topics (business core), it will be possible to complete parts of the specialization in advance. For example, those who want to take Data Science modules at the beginning, or have already done so in the course of the short program, will now be able to use them for the entire MBA including the business core. “With this, we are responding to the demand for even more flexible, personalized training, which is indispensable when it comes to really grasping the different aspects of digitization. Our broad-based specialization offering makes it possible for each and every student to get the most benefit from his or her studies,” continues Helga Pattart-Drexler.

Picture of single pieces of computer hardware
The modular structure of the program enables students to optimally capture the aspects of digitization that are important to them. Photo © CC0 Licence

Tailored to individual preferences and needs

It will be possible for students to choose and combine modules according to their individual preferences. Only the core modules Digital Transformation and Data Science will be mandatory. Here, managers will learn not only how to derive maximum benefit from analyzing the enormous wealth of data available to businesses. They will be able to use the resulting insights as a basis for making informed strategic decisions and help their companies transition successfully into the digital age. In addition to the core modules, students will be able to choose an elective from a variety of specialist topics, such as:

  • Strategy in the Age of Disruption

  • Blockchain and its Business Applications

  • Strategic Foresight

  • Co-Creation in Agile Structures

The new specialization is designed for data analysts and others who aim to work in data-driven companies and for technology experts who seek to improve their leadership skills and to get a good grounding in business matters. Find out more about the Professional MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science.

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