Nikolaus Franke on the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

June 10, 2022

WU Executive Academy Podcast with Nikolaus Franke

What can we learn from illegitimate and controversial kinds of entrepreneurship? Especially when these businesses benefit society and can even make up 40% of a country's gross domestic product? In this episode, Nikolaus Franke, the Academic Director of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, talks about these businesses. Later on in this episode, we take a close look at the cooperation between real-world businesses and his institute, the E&I Institute. One of the organization's yearly highlights is the upcoming E&I Touchdown that will take place on June 15. All listeners are welcome to join.

For more on the topic of the “dark side of entrepreneurship” check out Nikolaus Franke’s 3-part news series here.

For more information on the E&I Institute, visit

Click here to register for the E&I Touchdown on June 15!

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