Novartis is the New Partner of the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network

February 13, 2020

Interview with Chinmay Bhatt, CEO Novartis Pharma GmbH

Pic of Chinmay Bhatt
CEO Novartis Pharma GmbH: Chinmay Bhatt

Mr. Bhatt, since the beginning of 2020, Novartis is the new partner of the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network (WU EA FLN). Why does your company support this female MBA alumni initiative?

The WU EA FLN is another great opportunity for us to create and expand our network. We are therefore very pleased that Novartis is now supporting this high-profile initiative.

What role does the topic "female leadership/diversity" play at Novartis?

Our success is directly linked to the diversity we actively live every day. This is why different perspectives of employees, young and old, and different cultures are so valuable to us as a company. We at Novartis, of course, have a high percentage of females in management and leadership positions. In Vienna, for example, we have an equal number of men and women in top- and mid-level management positions.

As CEO of Novartis, you have a very busy schedule. Nevertheless, you have seized many opportunities in the past - such as guest lectures or career workshops - to share your wealth of experience as a top manager with up-and-coming executives at the WU Executive Academy. Why do you consciously take this time?

"If you stop getting better, you stop being good" - this quote expresses my motivation behind it very well. For me, exchanging with the managers of tomorrow at the WU Executive Academy is very inspiring and brings with it many interesting new perspectives, which I gained during numerous conversations.

Novartis is known for taking new and innovative paths. What do you expect from the cooperation with the WU Executive Academy/the WU EA FLN?

For a highly innovative company like Novartis, it is essential to establish close networks with the talents of tomorrow at an early stage and to present Novartis as an interesting employer. The WU Executive Academy and the WU EA FLN offer us the perfect opportunity to do so.

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