Now "triple" accredited thanks to AACSB

September 27, 2015

WU & all MBA programs of the WU Executive Academy have been accredited by AACSB International.

A rare hallmark of excellence.

Apart from WU Vienna, less than 75 business universities and business schools around the globe, and just one in the German-speaking world, meet the strict quality standards of all three accreditation agencies.
For business universities and business schools of international renown, there are three particularly relevant accreditations: AMBA (Association of MBAs), EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) and AACSB. Globally, only 740 education providers from 50 countries are AACSB accredited, and just 73 have the rare privilege of holding a "triple accreditation" — that corresponds to less than 1% of all business universities and business schools.

A leader in Europe, a recognized authority around the globe

The WU Executive Academy first received EQUIS accreditation in 2007. Since 2010, all its MBA programs have also been AMBA accredited. Both agencies have re-accredited the WU Executive Academy for another five years, confirming that it is a first-class education provider. Now, all of the WU Executive Academy's MBA programs have received AACSB accreditation:

"As part of WU Vienna, the WU Executive Academy has for years been leading the way in Austria when it comes to internationally renowned accreditations. We are absolutely delighted that this very special hallmark of excellence has been conferred upon us. As a 'triple-crown' business school, we rank among the global elite. Our MBA students can, thus, be 100% sure not only that at the WU Executive Academy they will get top quality across the board but also that their degrees will be recognized around the globe," say Dean Prof. Bodo B. Schlegelmilch and Managing Director Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé.

Top quality and a long-term internationalization strategy

WU Vienna's AACSB accreditation marks the successful completion of a comprehensive evaluation process that closely examined, among other things, the institution, the quality and practical relevance of the programs offered as well as the qualification profiles of lecturers and students.

Prof. Christoph Badelt, Rector of WU Vienna, also stresses the special significance of this achievement: "AACSB accreditation is a testament to the fact that WU Vienna pursues a long-term internationalization strategy and is committed to being one of Europe's leading business universities. The 'triple accreditation' will help us not only to uphold our focus on academic excellence in teaching and research but also to boost WU Vienna's international reputation."

Not all MBAs are equal

In recent years, the global MBA market has become so complex and the diversity of programs offered around the world so great that it is increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. That being the case, internationally recognized accreditations give universities a crucial competitive edge:
"We strive to constantly improve the quality of our MBA programs and to establish the WU Executive Academy as a leading MBA provider in Europe on a long-term basis. This accreditation is another significant step towards achieving these goals," continues Prof. Schlegelmilch, "because not all MBA programs are what they claim to be."

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