Investor/Startup Colllaborations | Paul Weinberger

October 01, 2020

Paul Weinberger is a seasoned, hands-on venture investor with proven track record.

Strategical collaborations for innovation

Impactful collaborations for innovation between investors and founders are strategically highly important but also challenging. Paul Weinberger with his impressive track record of leading positions such as investor and chairman of the board in various high growth companies is a leading expert in this field. Paul shares his deep knowledge and practical experiences on the important topic of investor/start-up collaborations with students in the course of the module “Organization of Innovation".

15 years of experience in venture capital investing

With over 15 years of experience in venture capital investing and international M&A (total transaction volume over € 200 mio, including several successful exits), Paul loves to build companies and to work with talented teams. From investor and chairman of the board to operational day-to-day management, he held / is holding leading positions in various high growth companies.

Real insights into the mindset of equity investors

As a veteran of international venture investing and hands-on portfolio management, his goal is to give real in-depth insights into the mindset of a typical equity investor and what to expect as an entrepreneur. In his interactive lectures, you'll bridge state of the art theory and best practices and discuss some of the most notable “war stories” Paul experienced over the years. Being able to share his knowledge with the MBA class participants and openly discuss different showcases in groups, not only is fun but also highly interesting for him. The curiosity and the drive of this truly international group of executives really impressed and inspired him.

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