Professional MBA With a Hybrid Option

June 30, 2021

More flexibility for your MBA learning journey

Completing a taxing MBA program while keeping up with the requirements of a demanding job calls for sound time management and excellent organization skills. To meet the widely differing needs of participants, the WU Executive Academy offers a hybrid option to its Professional MBA: providing an alternative to the already existing 4-days-on-campus option, the hybrid track will enable even more flexibility throughout students’ learning journeys.

Symbolic pic for Professional MBA Hybrid Track
The Hybrid Track brings more flexibility to the Professional MBA program.

Specialized MBA programs like the Professional MBA offered at the WU Executive Academy have been gaining in popularity in recent years. And for a good reason: the combination of traditional general management courses, the so-called Business Core, with a specialization tailored to a given function or industry is the ideal study option for many prospective students.

Flexibility and Time Management are of the Essence

When selecting a program, future MBA students no longer only look at its focus and quality but also its format and, as a consequence, available modes of studying. It’s against this backdrop that the hybrid track has been developed.

Portrait Barbara Stöttinger

Prof. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Dean of the WU Executive Academy

As personal circumstances are as diverse as our participants themselves, it’s all about flexibility: we have single parents, students who take care of an elderly parent on top of working and completing an MBA, and students who manage a large family together with their partner. There are also students who just took up a new job or are facing a complex professional challenge. What’s true for all of them: having to travel to on-campus classes less frequently is a huge advantage.

The Best of Two Worlds: a Hybrid Track in the Business Core

The Business Core has 7 modules, each consisting of 4 days. Following the hybrid track, every second module (i.e. 3 modules in total) is designed as an online format. These modules consist of 2 online days with the professor (usually Fridays and Saturdays), while the "other" 2 days are spread in smaller sessions before and after the core online module. This way, students on the hybrid track spend half of the Business Core (program start plus three modules) on site at the campus, enjoying face to face networking with peers, while also enjoying the benefits of the more flexible virtual classroom in the three other module blocks.

Pic of a Hybrid Track MBA student
With the Hybrid Track, half of the Business Core can take place on campus, and the other half online. Photo © CC0 Licence

“On top of being more flexible, the hybrid track has a whole range of further benefits for participants: as they do not have to come to Vienna for three modules, they save travel and accommodation costs and also, above all, have to take fewer days off work. In fact, they only have to take off Friday for an online module,” Stöttinger explains, adding: “And then there are those students that simply appreciate a mix of on-site and online classes because the variation caters to their personal learning preferences. The reasons why it appeals to students might vary, but there is no doubt that the new hybrid track for the Business Core has a lot to offer.”

For more information about the Hybrid Track of the Professional MBA Business Core, please click here.

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