Scheduling Posts & Analytics

November 09, 2020

LinkedIn Company Tips by Sandra Bichl

As CEO of the career consulting company Career Angels, Sandra Bichl is also an internationally renowned LinkedIn expert - not only when it comes to the optimal design and use of personal profiles (All Star level - personal profiles), but also for LinkedIn pages of companies (corporate profiles). In addition to basic tips that are essential to both personal and corporate pages, Sandra also shares insights that allow companies to be perceived as attractive employers in the world's leading career network.

In this new LinkedIn tip series, Sandra Bichl shares every Monday a new tip to professionally pimp up your own company profile:

Scheduling Posts & Analytics

Prepare posts while they’re still fresh in your head, and schedule them for later, so that new content gets published on your Company Page regularly and there are no gaps in your activity.

Remember to create a routine for your posting. Decide what you’re going to do on a daily, weekly, and monthlybasis and stick to that routine, so that your followers know when to expect your content.

Try to post new content during the busiest hours to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. According to LinkedIn – that’s morning to midday from Monday to Friday. However, don’t rely only on the general statistics. Check your Page’s Analytics to learn which kind of posts attract the biggest audience and when the best time for posting is.


Optimize your content accordingly to get even more engagement and maximum traffic. Remember to review your Analytics regularly to ensure you’re not missing out on any new trends.

For more information about how to make the most out of your LinkedIn page, please click here.

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