Special Workshop: leadership orchestra

November 10, 2015

True to WU Vienna's philosophy, "Rethink Economy", innovation, especially in the field of executive education, is a top priority for the WU Executive Academy—whether it makes the latest academic findings accessible to its students or provides them with state-of-the-art tools and skills.

Special Workshop Leadership Orchestra

"Hitting the right note is key"—this applies to orchestras as much as it applies to the day-to-day work of executives. The "Leadership Orchestra" Special WorkshopWU on November 10, 2015, offered participants an opportunity to experience for themselves the importance of hitting the right note.

Following a crash course in conducting, it was the executives' and HR managers' turn to wield the baton and get immediate feedback, both musically and verbally, from the 15-member orchestra. The workshop is designed to help participants become more effective communicators and leaders as a result of experiencing the effects that their inner attitudes will have on their behaviors and the behaviors of their teams.

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