Systems Thinking | Lenka Pincot

October 01, 2020

Lenka Pincot is an enterprise agile coach in the banking industry.

Complex situations and the ability to change strategies

As a leader or organization-wide transformations, I regularly deal with complex situations that involve influence of market environment, multiple stakeholder expectations and numerous internal processes or information systems. My job requires personal agility, combination of soft skills with expert knowledge and ability to pivot change strategies as the transformation challenges unfold.

Quickly understand a situation and make the right decision

System Thinking became not only my great help when dealing with complexity, but also my passion. I enjoy to share my learnings and practical experience with MBA students who aspire to become executives and therefore focus on ability to quickly understand a situation and make the right decision.

Real business applications

I like to put things in perspective, especially to connect System Thinking with Strategy and Innovation. I base my lectures on real business applications and I like to challenge the students to identify opportunities to apply the method in their own jobs. I strongly believe in education that empowers individuals to progress towards their purpose and purpose of their teams. Such belief and passion is easily recognized in my teaching style, where I always do my best to inspire and raise the curiosity.

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