Take Advantage of the WU Executive Club During and After Your Professional MBA

November 05, 2019

Benefit from lifetime access

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Take your network, skill set and career to the next level

As soon as you are a student at WU Executive Academy, you will gain access to the WU Executive Club, exclusively for students and alumni. Your membership and benefits in this club are life-long and can give you significant professional advantages.

As a business executive, you know the value of fostering a professional network. Not only do you need to build this network, you need to nurture and maintain it. The Executive Club provides opportunities and services to take advantage of the exclusive connections you benefit from by being a student or graduate. Read on to learn more about what is available to you through the WU Executive Club.

How the Executive Club Works for Professional MBA Students

At the beginning of your program, you will be included as a member of the club. This is a lifetime membership, so you are always a part of the family. You can stay in touch with important people in your network as well as add new contacts from the fellow members you meet.

Whether you are still studying or have graduated, you will receive invitations to attend events where you gain access to top speakers, academics, experts and executives. With these events, you can continue your own education and professional pursuits by expanding your knowledge and keeping up-to-date on recent trends. A PMBA is an excellent way to gain current knowledge, and being a member of our club keeps you in the loop.

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Seeing speakers is an excellent way to update and expand your knowledge.

Career opportunity services as well as skill development resources are also provided, so that you can use the club to gain leverage in a competitive world. You will have a leading edge through preferential access to international opportunities on your career path. Coaching and sessions to sharpen skills will hone your abilities to continue performing at the top of your game.

The Career Center’s Role in Your Career Following a PMBA

After your MBA program, you will be busy setting goals and advancing along your professional path. The Career Center at WU has career development as its priority. When hiring, many businesses enjoy giving exclusive access to WU alumni and will reach out via the Online Career Center as a means of recruitment. Being a part of this reputable community places you in a position to be directly recruited through the Executive Academy’s search partners. Some of the businesses who have used this channel include Pederson & Partners, Inner Circle Consultants, Eblinger & Partner, Iventa and more.

Workshops are another large part of what makes the Career Center so valuable. Sessions with a goal of skill development or networking help alumni develop their career strategies. You may also find the opportunities to interact with consultants and improve upon your CV to be tremendously beneficial.

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Throughout your career, you will continue to benefit from networking and career services.

Why Networking Events Can Help Boost Your Career

Invitations to networking events are valuable opportunities to have fun while connecting with leaders in the business world. Presentations featuring current issues or recent topics relating to various organizations ensure that your awareness and knowledge stay as up-to-date as possible. The Alumni Lounge is a popular favourite, featuring intriguing speakers and excellent opportunities to gather with like-minded individuals.

Networking events provide the perfect atmosphere to make introductions and get to know other professionals. With the work of planning taken out of the equation, you can focus on presenting yourself and listening to others, rather than on reservations or scheduling. These services are perfect for successful executives, for whom time is of the utmost importance.

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