The Algorithm of Success: How Women Are Shaping the Digital Future

March 27, 2019


Luisa Kroll is Assistant Managing Editor of Wealth at Forbes. She has tracked the world’s wealthiest people for Forbes for more than 16 years, first as an enterprising reporter and later as the editor who oversees all the global wealth coverage and ultimately signs off on the final ranks of the world’s billionaires.

Demelza Hays is Junior Fund Manager at Incrementum AG and was selected for the Forbes List 30 Under 30 Europe because of her research on the role of crypto currencies in asset management.

These two impressive women discussed the algorithms for being successful as a woman in the digital era in an online session broadcast live from the WU Executive Academy. Find out what we can learn from the richest women in the world and to what extent digitization plays a role in the spiral of success.

The session has been moderated by Katarina Lucic, Learning Design & Program Management, WU Executive Academy and Klaus Fiala, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes DACH. 

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