Interested in an MBA in Marketing? Take a Look at These Integrated Marketing Campains

March 03, 2020

How to apply your MBA lessons to reach more consumers

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The marketing landscape today is more complex than ever.

Every day, more than 500 million people use Instagram. By the third quarter of 2019, there was a 17 percent increase in the number of monetizable daily Twitter users. Brands who use video have been found to get 66 percent more qualified leads annually than those who do not. What do all of these figures mean for marketers? Considering social media and video is just the beginning of putting together an integrated marketing campaign. What these figures tell businesses is that there are multiple opportunities to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales through a more diverse range of online channels. In the complex media environment consumers exist within today, an approach that utilizes and connects different platforms is now necessary. Keep reading for insight into how the best integrated marketing campaigns set records.

Volkswagen’s Un-launch of the Kombi

In 2013, Volkswagen ceased production of the Kombi van, which prompted a creative strategy any candidate for an MBA in marketing can learn from. In this product discontinuation, the marketing team created a unique opportunity and used an integrative strategy involving consumer collaboration. In phase one, Volkswagen ran ads across many channels soliciting stories about the Kombi from consumers. Phase two featured ads that used the stories. Phase three put out a short documentary in which the Kombi was driven around to deliver items from its “last will and testament” to consumers.

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With today's technology, consumers are ready to be part of video marketing campaigns.

With a £250,000 budget, they reached 35 million people with continuous, engaging content that involved online and offline activity. The results were positive: production of the Last Edition model of the Kombi sold out twice, and the company grew its market share as a whole.

Use Your MBA Degree to Think Big, Like American Express

Integrated marketing campaign methodology is often summed up by the four C’s: the campaigns are cohesive, consistent, continuous, and complementary. With an MBA degree,you can apply your expertise to make the most out of the 4 C’s. A good example of these principles in action is American Express’s “Shop Small” campaign. This long-running campaign encourages consumers to support small, independent business. Retailers collaborate in promotions by featuring marketing materials in their shops, and American Express also promotes the ‘#ShopSmall’ branded hashtag online and an annual ‘Small Business Saturday’ event. With this campaign, American Express achieved the 4 C’s both online and in physical stores.

Samsung Generated International Buzz Through Integrated Marketing

One of the most successful integrated marketing campaigns in recent years was the Samsung campaign for their smartphone reveal in 2019. This was also the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy phone, and the unpacking event provides an example of the heights you can reach with an integrative campaign. The campaign featured many “teasers” building anticipation and generating buzz, and achieved outstanding results on reveal day. The live unpacking event took place in San Francisco for an audience of 3,000 people, with 44 million livestream viewers around the world and an additional 14.3 million within the USA. It also generated nearly 300,000 social media mentions in one day.

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Integrative marketing campaigns create experiences for consumers across channels.

This integrative campaign changed the way press and media were involved as well. Consumers had access to the event via livestreaming, so the media coverage could focus on the experience at the launch, where there were many striking photo opportunities. It’s a textbook example of how integrative marketing methodology is prime territory for ambitious and creative business professionals to succeed.

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