Video: MBA Alumni Lounge "Company under Cyber Attack"

December 21, 2018

This MBA Alumni Lounge was entirely in the light of cybersecurity and quick decision making in an urgent case of a cyber attack.

Participants spent a thrilling evening with the MBA community at this year's last MBA Alumni Lounge. At the beginning experience a simulated cyber attack and learn what decisions would be most important in these moments:

Today, the possibility of large-scale cyber attacks against a wide range of targets from nation states to companies and individuals is widely recognized. Decision makers, including business leaders, who are responsible to act in a cyber emergency, often lack prior experience or preparation. This can intensify the impact of a cyber attack because the response will be reduced.

Exercise as a Tool to Test and Improve Regulations

One of the key problems for governments and private enterprises in countering the cyber threat is the lack of understanding about how interconnected and vulnerable our networks are and how critical services are.

An exciting panelist lineup

After the simulation exercise, a panel discussion with several experts answered more open questions. The panel discussion was moderated by Anna Patterson (, Marketing Manager at the WU Executive Academy.


  • Lauri Almann, Member of the Executive Board at BHC Laboratory
  • Jochen Borenich, MBA, Member of the Executive Board, Kapsch Business Com, GEMBA Alumn 2004-2005
  • Thomas Stubbings, Chairman Cyber Security Platform of the Austrian Government, GEMBA Student 2018-2019
  • Reinhold Wochner, MBA, MSc, Head of Group Security Management, ERSTE Group

Many thanks to our cooperation partner BHC Laboratory for providing the technical equipment and running the simulation exercise; BHC Laboratory is a cyber capabilities’ development company for a wide range of global customers. Many thanks to Erste Group for hosting this event. 

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