VIPs share their tips with the pioneers of the future

April 26, 2017

2 short inputs on video

The WU Executive Academy has developed an unconventional executive program designed to help participants break the mold and bring out new leadership qualities in them. “Pioneers of the 21st Century” will launch in October 2017. In the following video interviews, two renowned Austrian pioneers, Dr. Hans-Peter Haselsteiner and Franz Viehböck, mark the occasion by sharing their wisdom with the trailblazers of the future.

5 modules, 12 days, innovative approaches in executive education

Austria’s first astronaut

Franz Viehböck, Chief Technology Officer Technology & Human Resources at Berndorf AG, is Austria's first and so far only astronaut. Whether the mission is space bound or more down to earth in nature, he has tips to share with tomorrow's pioneers.

Industrialist and Investor

Dr. Hans Peter Haselsteiner's career is impressive: For more than 40 years, he led the way at Strabag AG, Austria's largest construction group. Moreover, he left his mark on Austrian politics: in the 1990s, he was a member of the Austrian parliament. In his video interview (in German), he offers the some advice.

A program for the future

The WU Executive Academy's newly developed program is designed to help managers become pioneers who lead their organizations into a successful future, adequately balancing needs and goals. If you would like to develop yourself by turning your attention to the redefined qualities of courage, open-mindedness, self-anchorage, appreciation, action-orientedness and focus, this program is for you.

Internalizing new ways of thinking

In the course of modules such as “Global Strategy & Innovation”, “Co-Creation in Agile Structures” or “Developing Self-Awareness”, a faculty of renowned experts will help participants find out what they and their organizations stand for and how they can keep pace with a seemingly unpredictable global environment. In a first step, the aspiring pioneers will engage in a process of introspection, analyzing their mental and emotional patterns of thought, and exploring possible alternatives. Following that, they will strengthen those skills that are an expression of passion and hence inspire others to break the mold.

The Dean of the WU Executive Academy, Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, is very excited about the holistic approach:

Prof. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Dean of the WU Executive Academy

There are many executive education programs - but this one is different, just as pioneers are different. They stand out from the rest; they are individuals who are visionary, courageous and focused, all while being mindful of their own needs as well as that of others and their organizations. It is this potential that ‘Pioneers of the 21st Century’ will unlock in participants.

The program, comprising 12 days over 5 modules, will be delivered in Vienna between October 2017 and June 2018. For all the details, please visit

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