What a great day: The 10/15 Year Reunion of the Classes 2004/2009

June 04, 2019

The highlights of this very special day

At the end of May, we welcomed our MBA graduates from 2004 and 2009 back to the WU Executive Academy for their 10th and 15th graduation anniversaries. An exciting day for everyone - not only because of a great guided campus tour, interesting workshops and plenty of time to network and to remember old times. Many of the alumni, who gathered in the Executive Academy building, have not seen the new campus yet, as they had studied in the picturesque venues of the Palais Liechtenstein or the MOYA (Museum of Young Arts) in the city center of Vienna.

Group picture of the Reunion
Barbara Stöttinger welcomed the alumni at the WU Executive Academy.

After a warm welcome by Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy, the graduates got the chance to demonstrate their innovative potential and entrepreneurial skills. "The Entrepreneurs Challenge", a hands-on workshop with Prof. Nikolaus Franke, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation. After this practical input, the afternoon was all about networking.

During the "Musical Speed Dating for Executives" workshop with Lorenz Huber the former MBA students learned how to get to know the community (again), network with former fellow students and make new contacts by using the power of music.

Pic of two people networking
The former MBA students used the opportunity for re-connecting with the community.

A special highlight was certainly the evening event: Europe's leading neuroleadership expert, Andy Habermacher, gave a lecture on "The surprising truth of how the brain learns and how business can destroy this" during the last WU EA Lounge before the summer. Read the Interview with Andy Habermacher to the topic "Have you tried it? Leading and learning "with the brain" here.

Pictures of the event:

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