What Professionals with an MBA in Marketing Need to Know About Augmented Reality

October 12, 2021

How Augmented Reality is changing the field!

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As immersive technologies continue to advance, augmented reality becomes more popular—providing businesses with exciting and new ways to connect with their target audience. The availability of Augmented Reality (AR) technology has the potential to revolutionize marketing and sales, pushing storytelling and engagement to the next level.

According to this report by Futurum Research, the pandemic has created a significant change in customer behavior and opinions regarding immersive technology. It reveals that 69% of consumers expect to use AR and VR (Virtual Reality) to test products in 2021, while 63% are open to using AR and VR to visit remote locations. This openness to immersive technology creates an opportunity for businesses to use AR as a way to craft engaging and memorable customer interactions.

This blog will introduce key insights on the use of augmented reality for professionals in marketing and sales.

Using Augmented Reality to Enhance the Digital Customer Experience

Good experiences are often at the heart of successful marketing campaigns. With AR technology, businesses can create unique customer experiences that can ultimately increase engagement and brand loyalty.

AR works by allowing users to add visual elements to their reality, incorporating immaterial products into their lives in order to enhance their overall experience. This makes it possible for prospective customers to try new products (like clothes or makeup) without actually touching them. Customers can even use this technology to test how new items, like furniture, might look in their home. Businesses that use AR tech are one step ahead of their competitors, able to offer digital customers an immersive experience that enhances their interaction with the brand. 

A mobile phone showing an augmented reality application in a store
Augmented Reality can engage prospective customers more effectively

Enhancing Your Brand and Generating Buzz through Augmented Reality Marketing

Marketing professionals with an Executive MBA degree can make full use of AR technology to upgrade their branding materials. Instead of relying only on traditional or digital marketing collateral (like business cards, brochures, videos, or blogs), businesses can integrate immersive and virtual elements. In this way, they can elevate their brand and its reputation - promoting innovation while delighting prospective consumers in unique and interactive ways.

Augmented Reality marketing can also be used to create buzz around a brand or a specific campaign. AR experiences in the commercial world are still relatively new, often generating interest and curiosity. Marketers can capitalize on this opportunity to engage existing and prospective customers, designing unique experiences that satisfy their curiosity and exceed their expectations. Doing so allows a business to stand out from its competitors and prompt discussion on their own brand and marketing initiatives.

A smartphone lying on a table, with 5 rating stars hovering above it
Successful AR marketing generates positive customer experiences

The Potential of AR in Marketing and Sales for Professionals with an MBA Degree

Professionals earning an Executive MBA in Strategic Marketing and Sales are able to enhance their skill set and discover effective ways to reach customers through the right distribution channels. The marketing and sales experience gained from this program, combined with knowledge on the latest tech, allows them to maximize their efforts and drive better results.

AR technology is showing a lot of promise in marketing as well as sales. Professionals can even use it to enhance the B2B sales process - enabling them to move away from traditional materials in favor of AR’s immersive qualities. In doing so, professionals can introduce new products to prospective clients in a more engaging way. Heightened experiences that lead to more engagement are the driving force of tomorrow’s marketing and sales initiatives. It stands to reason that adding AR into a company’s marketing mix can help them gain a competitive advantage.

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