Why Curiosity is an Important Quality for Students Taking an MBA in Entrepreneurship

May 04, 2021

How to benefit from cultivating curiosity

Pic of an mba school graduate being creative
Curiosity is an important quality that many entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Curiosity is an important quality inherently found in entrepreneurs, one that is responsible for many of the successes behind various entrepreneurial ventures and activities. Curiosity urges entrepreneurs to come up with interesting and new ways of accomplishing tasks, allowing them to provide innovative services or products to society. Students enrolled in an MBA program know the value of innovation - particularly as it helps promote the continued growth of a business. Curiosity can be harnessed to improve businesses, contributing to an increase in innovation, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. Here’s a closer look at why developing curiosity is an important part of entrepreneurship.

Using Creativity to Solve Problems and Boost Business Growth

It is no secret that good entrepreneurs must also be great problem-solvers. Starting and maintaining a business requires a lot of coordinated effort, particularly since entrepreneurs are likely to face a variety of obstacles when they establish their business. In this way, curiosity becomes a valuable quality that ensures the continued development of your business - effectively overcoming obstacles by providing you with innovative solutions that get the job done. In order to promote curiosity, entrepreneurs will have to widen their perspective. This allows them to consider situations from new angles, resulting in a better understanding of their surroundings and a deeper insight into their original concerns. Staying curious is also a great tip to improve customer service - giving you the drive to learn about your customers’ wants and needs. Such information is incredibly valuable, allowing you to boost customer satisfaction while growing your business in the right direction. 

Pic of an mba school alumnus working as an entrepreneur
Being curious can help entrepreneurs solve problems and increase the growth of their business.

Increasing Productivity and Originality via Skills Gained from an MBA in Entrepreneurship

Being curious can also help entrepreneurs discover new market opportunities. In particular, this quality can push you to learn more about the industry you’re in, equipping you with the knowledge to outperform your competitors. Here, curiosity can be particularly useful in design thinking and strategy making. It allows entrepreneurs to increase their business’s productivity. Those attending an MBA school will be able to study strategic innovation management, gaining insight into how businesses can overcome weaknesses and how they can maximize profits from their innovations (like assets and patents). Although taking risks is a big part of entrepreneurship, the insight gathered from curiosity-driven research can help mitigate chances of failure. That said, curiosity can still be used to reframe failure - transforming loss into a learning experience that encourages further development. By analyzing the situation and resources carefully, curiosity can prompt you to explore alternative (and more efficient) ways of completing your task.

GRoup of mba school students working on a creative problem
Curiosity can improve leadership and boost team performance.

Improving Leadership and Workplace Performance through Curiosity

It should be noted that curiosity plays a key role in effective leadership. Students earning anMBA in entrepreneurship know that good leadership contributes greatly to a successful business. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to encourage creative thinking in your team - stimulating efficiency, critical thinking, flexibility, and motivation. In doing so, you can also increase your team’s job performance and ability to adapt to market changes and external pressures. This allows you to strengthen employee relationships, building trust and loyalty in the workplace. Your MBA studies will better prepare you for success with your entrepreneurial venture, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge to speed up the growth of your business. Cultivating your creativity will serve to complement your studies, further solidifying your future success.

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