Why Employee Satisfaction Matters for Those With an EMBA Degree

December 07, 2021

Discover the importance of employee satisfaction!

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Creating a workplace with satisfied employees doesn’t happen overnight; it's something that companies must actively work towards. Unfortunately, reports show that only 13% of employees are actively engaged in their work, leaving many who lack passion and commitment to their jobs. Our triple-accredited EMBA curriculum will dive into theories and frameworks for the analysis of individuals and groups, helping you to develop the most effective leadership action plan.

People are generally more productive when they are happy in their work environment and take pride in their job. By focusing on employee satisfaction, individuals are able to find enjoyment at work, while businesses can improve employee retention, even in the toughest of times. In fact, businesses with high levels of employee satisfaction perform better than those without, according to a study from the Journal of Financial Economics. Keep reading to learn how employee satisfaction shapes the performance of a business.

Foster Internal Growth and Commitment after your EMBA Program

Employee satisfaction is great for many reasons, including driving the internal growth of your company. While pursuing an EMBA program, you will gain professional skills in various forms of marketing, accounting, negotiations, and management. Equally as important, you will discover the best practices when it comes to leading people and organizations.

When employees are happy with their current position, they are more likely to seek growth and promotional opportunities within the organization, rather than looking externally. If you can encourage a company to promote from within, you will save recruitment and training costs, while proving yourself a valuable asset to the business.

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Following an EMBA program, you will have valuable skills to foster the growth of your company’s employees

Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Experts from the University of Warwick reported that employees who find satisfaction in their jobs are 12% more productive. Training sessions and external motivators can only do so much to improve the personal connection that one has to their work. Generally, employees who feel a strong sense of attachment and loyalty to their organization are more likely to perform to the best of their abilities.

Satisfied employees will be willing to step up to the plate when it matters. They are more likely to help others and take part in problem-solving, even when the work goes beyond their assigned tasks. In general, satisfied employees look out for the company’s best interests, which can support your own success in a professional position.

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Increased productivity is one major benefit of prioritizing employee satisfaction

Ensure a Better Response to Pressure and Stressful Situations

Employees that are already dissatisfied with their jobs will likely find frustration in minor issues or inconveniences. When the work gets tough or the employee is feeling a lot of pressure, they may not respond with composure or a clear head. Dissatisfied employees are more easily frustrated and may be reluctant to rise to the challenge of a deadline change or a last-minute adjustment.

When you undertake your EMBA degree, you will acquire the skills necessary to provide your future company with the efficient leadership it needs, while tending to the needs of individual workers. Creating an environment that fosters the happiness and satisfaction of essential employees will help you to drive success in the long run.

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