Mentorship and "Set Up Your Own Group"-Tool

February 20, 2018

What WU EA Connect has to offer

Our community platform is a job market, a global networking tool and a career creator all in one. Therese Bauer and Viola Kospach, our Community Engagement Managers, show you how you can use WU EA Connect for your own aims and get the most out of it. This time topic include what other alumni can do for you and the useful “set up your own group”-tool.

1. Mentorship: A Passport to New Career Opportunities

Mentors are a good thing not only for those starting out on their careers. Anybody faced with career decisions, obstacles and new challenges can benefit from the support of someone who has successfully gone through this. Mentor-mentee relationships are always win-win situations. Learning from each other, engaging in a lively exchange of views and opinions, and addressing arising questions together will take both sides forward in their development. Therefore, mentoring is an integral part of WU EA Connect. Upon creating their profiles, users are invited to indicate how they are willing to help. As a user, one can provide support in many ways: by making it easier for people to get hired by one’s current employer, by answering industry-specific questions, by connecting others with one’s own contacts, by providing career tips and/or by being a mentor for an extended period of time. Interacting regularly—preferably also in real life—is an important aspect of the mentoring process. If you are looking for a mentor, simply send a “request for mentorship”—and you will certainly be given invaluable input for your next career steps.

Screenshot WU EA Connect
Groups make it easier for alumni to stay in contact with their classmates.

2. Joining Forces Instead of Doing It Alone – Setting Up Your Own Groups

Mission accomplished: The MBA program is over, you have your diploma under your belt, and it is time for you to bid farewell to your classmates. Many program participants want to stay in touch with other alumni after graduating. Hence, it is a good idea to form regional groups, ideally while still attending the program. On WU EA Connect, there are a number of groups covering a wide variety of MBA courses. The big advantage of such groups is that they make it easy for members to exchange views and opinions on topics at any time and no matter where they are, to share documents and lecture notes with one another and to organize get-togethers and events in the real world. It goes without saying that the groups are also of great help when it comes to staying in touch after graduating. Numerous exciting career synergies—and many friendships—have been created this way.

Two women talking to each other
Through exchanging views and opinions both sides can profit from mentoring.

If you want to get more information about the career services of the WU Executive Club, click here!

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