How You Can Help Shape WU EA Connect

April 05, 2018

Also: tell us your WU EA Connect Success Story

Our community platform is a job market, a global networking tool and a career creator all in one. Therese Bauer and Viola Kospach, our Community Engagement Managers, show you how you can help shape WU EA Connect and also how you can tell us your WU EA Connect success story. Have you made your latest career step via the community platform? Or have you found a mentor for your thesis? Maybe you even started your own business with another graduate? You can read about such a WU EA Connect success story and how you can tell yours below.

1. Tell Us What You Think!

You are one of our students or graduates, who is interested in the activities and events we are offering and you want to give some suggestions, e.g. you would like to suggest exciting businesses that we should definitely cover as part of our company visits? You are welcome to do so: On WU EA Connect, we regularly carry out surveys, asking for your opinion. Also, let us know your suggestions and what you are interested in: We are more than happy to include your input in our polls and surveys. So, if you like, you can proactively contribute to the things we offer you. If you have general feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at wuexecutiveclub(at)

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Not just your ideas for company visits are wanted, but also suggestions of every kind!

2. Share Your WU EA Connect Success Story With Us!

Aleksandar Nedeljkovic is a Professional MBA Finance alumnus. Via WU EA Connect, he has found a mentor for his master's thesis – and tells us about it in his own success story:

My name is Aleksandar Nedeljkovic, I am the CFO at the fast-growing tech firm Mainstream, a Professional MBA student at WU Executive Academy, the WU EA Connect hub manager for the Adriatic region and an active social media user. In the past, I was primarily using LinkedIn for making online professional connections with people that I did not know and business knowledge/idea sharing activities, but after I joined WU EA Connect I found out that this portal is even more useful in some areas. First of all, I experienced WU EA Connect as a great tool for making contacts with other alumni, especially with people who were not studying with me in the same program or year. In particular, by using WU EA Connect, I was fortunate to find a fellow alumnus who is working in the very narrow field of corporate venturing to participate in an interview for my MBA final thesis. Despite the fact that we did not know each other, I contacted him over the platform and he was happy to help. Furthermore, I see WU EA Connect as a very efficient tool for communication between alumni members. For example, in the Adriatic region, we are trying to establish a group (currently we have more than 60 members), whose main goal will be to gather and communicate with alumni members within the region about upcoming events. We hope that this group will become a main communication hub for announcing and coordinating future activities across the region. Finally, I personally started to use WU EA Connect for checking information about upcoming projects and events of the WU Executive Academy. In the past, this information was communicated through the WU EA newsletter and the website. However, as I usually receive hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of emails on a weekly basis, it was not a rare case that newsletters passed through unseen. On the other hand, I usually did not go on the website and check the news and events sections. Now I use WU EA Connect as my focal point where I go when I want to see what is going on at the WU Executive Academy. Bearing all in mind, WU EA Connect became the place I am visiting on a weekly basis and I see great value in it. I hope that we will manage to bring even more alumni to WU EA Connect in the future and that it will become the place where WU Executive Academy alumni members will share interesting ideas/content, network with fellow students and coordinate joint activities. I am looking forward to see you on WU EA Connect and meet you at some WU Executive Academy event in the future!

Send Your Success Story

You have been using WU EA Connect for some time now and have met supportive people online or even found a mentor or a business partner? If so, get in touch and share those success stories with us! Please send a brief description of yourself and your WU EA Connect success story, complete with your name and a photo of you, to wuexecutiveclub(at) Maybe you also know of a WU Executive Academy graduate whose remarkable, interesting and exceptionally successful career story we should definitely feature? If so, please let us know with a short mail to wuexecutiveclub(at), mentioning the name of the graduate and why we should shine the spotlight on him or her.

If you want to get more information about the career services of the WU Executive Club, click here!

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