WU Executive Club expands alumni activities within the Adriatic region

May 04, 2018

WU Executive Club Kick-Off Event in Belgrade

The best career paths need sustainable business networks and the strongest relationships are built on common experiences. Studying in an MBA program is such an experience. As one of Europe’s leading business schools, the WU Executive Academy has founded such a network via its WU Executive Club and is thereby strengthening Austria’s ties with Serbia and the Adriatic region.

Sabine Kroissenbrunner is holding a speech
Sabine Kroissenbrunner, Deputy Head of Mission, opens the Kick-Off Event in the Austrian Embassy. Photo © CorD/Zoran Petrovic

The WU Executive Academy alumni and their guests came together at the Austrian Embassy for the WU Executive Club kick-off event held in Belgrade on April 27th, 2018. With her welcoming words Sabine Kroissenbrunner, Deputy Head of Mission at the Austrian Embassy expressed the embassy’s support for the creation of a strong Austro-Serbian alumni community and stressed the importance of international collaboration. Later on in the evening, Marlene Burgstaller, Deputy Head of Advantage Austria, shared exclusive insights during her keynote speech and drew attention to the already thriving Austrian-Serbian economic relations.

Marlene Burgstaller is holding a speech
Marlene Burgstaller knows about the importance of strong communities, and draws attention to the thriving economic relations between Austria and Serbia. Photo © CorD/Zoran Petrovic

The new WU Executive Club hub manager in Belgrade, Aleksandar Nedeljkovic, CFO at Mainstream Managed Services Group, is convinced that the key for success lies in an active community.

“One of the main benefits from doing an MBA at the WU Executive Academy is becoming part of the international executive alumni network. This network supports its members along their career paths and creates business opportunities. As local Hub Manager for the WU Executive Club, I strongly believe in the value of such a network and I am highly dedicated to strengthening it across the region.”

Aleksandar Nedeljkovic is holding a speech
As the hub manager, Aleksandar Nedeljkovic sees the WU Executive Club as an opportunity to strengthen the connections across the whole region. Photo © CorD/Zoran Petrovic

The WU Executive Academy's Dean, Prof. Barbara Stöttinger knows about the importance of building a lively alumni community:

"Bringing alumni together holds almost unlimited potential for joint business endeavors. The greater the number of alumni who network with one another, carry out projects together or simply make friends, the better. This event is only the beginning of our efforts in the region and certainly many more initiatives are to come."

The WU Executive Academy is part of the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has built up a strong international network across the years. The WU Executive Club currently consists of over 3,500 executives around the world and continues to grow steadily. The community supports its members with regular networking and career events. The club has become one of the most resourceful executive networks in the region.

For more information about the WU Executive Club and its services for alumni and students, click here.

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