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Claude Obadia

Professor | ESCE Paris | France

Prof. Harald Oberhofer

Deputy Head | Institute for International Economics | WU Vienna | Austria

Thomas Obermayr

Head of Division Immobilien und Wohnbau | Austrian Court of Audit | Austria

Svetlana Obruchkova

CEO of Royal Canin, Russia and the Republic of Belarus

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Gal Oestreicher-Singer

Professor | Department of Management of Technology and Information Systems | Tel Aviv University | Israel

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Martin Ögg

Managing Director | SCIAM GmbH | Austria

Marta Olowska

Marta Olowska

International Tax Law

Christian Oppl

GrECo International Holding AG | Austria

Andreas Orator

Lecturer | Institute of European and International Law | WU Vienna | Austria

Erika Ortlieb, MBA

Deputy Director of Administration | District Hospital Kufstein | Austria

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Maria O'Shea

O'Shea Maria

Management Coach | Austria

August Österle

Professor | Institute of Social Policy | WU Vienna | Austria

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Herwig Ostermann

CEO | Austrian Public Health Institute | Austria

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